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Dear Margaret,

I love cooking Indian, and various Asian foods, and usually prefer to build them ‘from the ground up’, that is, combining the individual herbs and spices from a trusted recipe. However, from time to time, when feeling lazy or running out of time, I fall back on commercial pastes from companies such as Pataks… A couple of years ago, I discovered your range of Indian pastes in our local Ritchie’s store and I have to say that you have really excelled in the quality and freshness of your flavours.

While this may seem like sacrilege from a culinary perspective, I also often add a few more ingredients to your pastes such as roughly chopped ginger, a few torn Kaffir lime leaves and a small can of coconut milk (even though the latter two are clearly Thai in origin).

Anyway, thanks for your excellent products – my wife and I really love them.

Mike Longhurst.    Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.      Dec 2009      

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Dear Margaret,

I have used Margaret Rowland products for 15 years and would not buy any other Indian paste or sauce. The quality is consistently outstanding, the process is always quick and easy, and the value is excellent-particularly because the curry pastes are concentrated. Made without artificial preservatives, the products always have a fresh, authentic flavour. The range of spice-blends available means that everyone can enjoy a great Indian meal.

R. Horner, Fitzroy.          Victoria, Australia.    Sept 2009

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Dear Margaret,

I just wanted to send your company some praise. I've been using your  beautiful curry pastes, sauces etc for several years now since trying some at Ritchies in a tasting (Dromana) and have never been let down by the flavour and quality. My daughter (now a mum herself) also won't buy any other indian curries - nor would we even try to replicate them in our kitchen - why would we bother when we can rely on Margaret Rowland in our kitchen for family and friends. We try to keep you a secret (and fool people into thinking it's our recipe) but then we like to share our favourite recipes so we share the beautiful products of Margaret Rowland. Thank you and keep up the good work. We wish you all the best to all your staff and yourselves.

Pixie Jones (and Jessica Jones).         Victoria, Australia.   Sept 2009

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Dear Margaret Rowland,

I have been an avid consumer of Indian Products for several years. Having tried all the popular brands I am utterly convinced that Margaret Rowland curry pastes, simmer sauces and condiments are the best. The tastes, flavors, and tantallising aromas are simply divine. Your products are so easy to use and authentic. My pantry is complete with Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes ,Simmer Sauces and Condiments. Thank you.  Sincerley ...

Kath Pirie.         Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.  Sept 2009

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Hello Margaret,

I have written to you previously to tell you how I enjoy your products.

I live in Dromana and buy your products from Ritches.I lived in the West Midlands (Wolverhampton) UK before emigrating 20 years ago. I worked with Indian girls who taught me a few recipes, but now with a busy lifestyle you are doing all the hard work for me in putting together the pastes! Sharwoods & Pataks don't even come near to your standard.

I am going to the UK next week for a few weeks and a friend has asked me to bring some recipes for her. I would like to cook some Indian dishes for her but am reluctant to put the jars of paste in my suitcase. Do you export to the UK? 

Keep up the good work!

Dot Geldart.        Dromana, Victoria Australia.

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I was pleased to discover your simmer sauce's at my local supermarket, and then disappointed when they were no longer in stock! We love them, fresh ingredients and beautiful aroma and flavour! I cannot imagine life without them now! I would then love to place an oder with you as I have searched your website ....

G. Rossiter.        New South Wales, Australia

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"Hi Gerard, Whats happening with the Yarra Glen Market?
Have been the past two months and no curries! How can we have survived!"
R&S Spencer.        Diamond Creek, Victoria Australia.

"Dear Margaret, I have been meaning to write for sometime. Daphne gave me a jar of your
korma paste for Christmas and we have all ben hooked for sometime. Wonderful flavour!"
R. Gardner.              Chisholm Institute, Victoria Australia.

"Hello, Where can we buy our favourite pastes in Sydney suburbs.
P&E Le Bas.         Beecroft, Victoria Australia.

"Dear Margaret, I have a client in Adelaide who is interested to
obtain several jars of your delicious Indian Curry Pastes
Paul Im.          Adelaide, Australia.

"Dear Margaret, I came across one of your stalls at the Camberwell market
today and sampled (and purchased) some of your products. Delicious!
M. Dalton.          Yuorke, Victoria, Australia.

"Hi, We purchased your curry pastes at the Red Hill market last month and
I would like to buy more - could you please email me where in Melbourne we can buy them.
B. Holmes.         Kew, Melbourne, Australia.

Retail Customer Feedback

"Dear Margaret, I am writing to you as a fan of your delicious curry pastes. I have really enjoyed cooking with them - they are fantastic!"
- C. Bolitho, Coberg, Victoria, Australia

"Sampled (and purchased) some of your products. Delicious!"
- M.Dalton Yuorke, Victoria, Australia.

"My kitchen smells divine at the moment because I have just
used my last of your Green Curry Paste and I am desperate for more..."

- M. Boreich, South Caufield, Victoria, Australia

"Dear Mrs. Rowland, I have a jar of your Biriyani Paste and thought it was exceptionally good"
- C. Roff, North Balwyn, Melbourne, Australia.

"Hi Margaret. I am a purchaser of your curry pastes and I find them fantastic!"

- A. Hayden, Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia

"I used your Lemon Kasaundi last night in a chicken and veg stir fry and it was excellent. Keep up the good work... will recommend them to friends and family"
- R. Buzwell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

"Dear Margaret, I am writing to let you know I am a big fan of your delicious pastes and pickles... I did not like curry until I tried your paste... Thanks for a wonderful product Margaret"
- K.Briggs, Victoria, Australia.

"Dear Margaret, I purchased some of your curry pastes... I found them very delicious!"
- L. Harding, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

"Dear Margaret Rowland - we love your curry pastes"
- F. Brand, Torrens, Canberra, Australia.

Commercial Customer Feedback

"I have been Executive Chef at Eden on the Park Hotel since March 1998. During that time we have used products from the Margaret Rowland range on a regular basis. These products have included Tandoori and Curry Pastes, Mango Chutney, Chilli Pickle and Lemon and Tomato Kasaundis.

I have found that not only are they of excellent flavour, but authentic, cost effective and the service provided by the company to be very friendly and very efficient. When using these products on the menus at Eden on the Park, we have had frequent good feedback form our customers on the flavour and authentic appearance of the dishes in which Margaret Rowland products have been used.

I will certainly continue to use the range of pastes, Chutneys and pickles from Margaret Rowland,
and I recommend them to all."

Tony Collis (Executive Chef) Eden on the Park

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional service you have given us in the four years that we have been here and look forward to a continued relationship in our next venture."

Chris Petersen & Lindsay Overton (Proprietors) George Street Cafe


"We have been using your products for about 12 months and found them to be totally authentic Indian spices and herbs. We have been satisfied with the professional manner in which goods are delivered and with the level of consistency your products has attained. We would endeavour to incorporate your products in any future menu change."

John McKeddie (Executive Chef) The Botanical Hotel


"I have been using the following curry pastes and condiments from Margaret Rowland for the past 18 months :
Mango Chutney, Green Thai Curry Paste and Tandoori Paste.

These products create a dish somewhat authentic to the products used in Asia. Our clientele repeatedly comment on how flavoursome our meals have been since using these products.

I have used commercial pastes and cutneys in the past, but none have brought out the
aromas and spices better than Margaret Rowland"

Darren Otto (Executive Chef) Langwarrin Hotel


"I have had an increasing need to use a wide range Indian Curry Pastes and Condiments during my thirteen years in the food industry. This need has been greater in my current role as the Executive Chef of this very busy four star Melbourne hotel.

Fours years ago I started using Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes and in recent years, my customers have enjoyed the wonderful dining experience from using a wide range of Margaret Rowland Chutneys and Pickles. Prior to using Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes and Condiments it was a constant problem finding a product to meet the increasing demands of resturant patrons.

'It is without a doubt that Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes and Condiments have exceeded my expectations and have set a standard which is unprecedented.'

The delivery and after sales service provided by Margaret Rowland has also always been prompt, courteous and reliable - a great reassurance given the increasing expectations of management and restaurant patrons.

Patrons are constantly praising the quality of spicy and Indian cuisines prepared in our restaurant. Their ongoing patronage is a testament that Margaret Rowland products are :

Genuinely authentic and taste great: Each product is consistently full bodied and no doubt the result of a meticulous process and blend of ingredients. Every curry or condiment consistently offers a true Indian flavour. This quality is indicative of a process which has matured since it was established in 1973. It is as if you were eating in a restaurant in India !

Offer a wide variety of exquisite flavours: It is reassuring that Margaret Rowland has a wide variety of Curry Pastes and Condiments. This has allowed us to cater for the diverse ages, cultures, expectations and interests of patrons
Very convenient and ease to use: It is genuinely the case - Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes gives an authentic curry in a hurry without the worry! I avoid the problems in having to find the right blend of ingredients, thus allowing me to prepare a broad range of authentic spicy foods to more quickly and efficiently and with no wastage!

Of excellent value for money: Margaret Rowland products are so competitively priced. This has allowed me to operate well under my budget, while at the same time offered me unparalleled and consistent quality, authenticity and practicality in preparing Indian and spicy cuisines.

Helping in the growth of the Victorian economy: I am proud to do business with Margaret Rowland because all products are manufactured locally. Since it is a 100% Victorian owned and operated company I know that I contributing to the growth of the Victorian economy

To any person interested in a 100% locally manufactured product - a product which is; genuinely authenticly Indian, easy to use, of great value for money and offers variety, I highly commend Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes and Condiments."

A. Maher (Executive Chef) Banks Hotel Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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