So, what can you do with Margaret Rowland Authentic Indian Curry Pastes Simmer Sauces & Condiments?

Margaret Rowland products guarantee quality, authenticity versatility and are economical, saving you both time and money.   Outlined below are some simple and practical recipes and applications of Margaret Rowland products :

Once you have used Margaret Rowland products you will have entered the realm of exciting flavours, exotic and tantalising tastes, making your everyday cooking an exhilarating and enjoyable experience.


Recipes for using Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes

All Margaret Rowland Curry Pastes are a concentrate.

Each 250gram jar gives you 17 serves.

All you need is in the jar.

The ingredients are freshly grounded with no chemical additives or preservative.

Curry Paste

Margaret Rowland's Curry Paste product can be used as a base to a curry, stir fry, soup, casserole or bolognese sauce etc (500grams of meat, fish or veg.)

Simply fry one chopped onion in a little oil.

Add 2 tablespoons of Margaret Rowland Curry Paste .

Add a sprinkling of water until paste is cooked.

Then add your meat, vegetable or both.

Reduce heat and continue cooking until done.

Optional extras if desired - Garlic, ginger, tomato paste. Coconut milk etc.

Margaret Rowland's Curry Paste product can be used as marinade for meat or vegetables.

Any of the paste products may be used on it's own as a complete marinade.

Rub the paste well into the meat or vegetable.

Preferably marinade overnight or for at least two hours prior to cooking.

Tandoori Paste

Tandoori Paste is used mostly as a marinade (recipe - see marinades).

It can be used with or without yoghurt. A touch of lemon juice on completion of cooking does wonders.

Most popular with chicken, and seafood. An essential and exciting feature for your next BBQ.

Biriyani Paste

Biriyani Paste has no chilli and is a base for the Biriyani dish itself. It is not limited to making this dish and acts very much like the general-purpose curry paste.

To make Biriyani (means rice and meat & can be made with rice & vegetables) just make the curry part as mentioned above.

Par boil rice separately.

Layer rice and curry like lasagne

Bake in oven for half an hour.

Optional garnishing, cashews, sultanas, fresh coriander.

Margaret Rowland Biriyani paste, like the other milder reds can be used to make a tasty sweet 'n' sour sausage casserole or chicken drums etc.

Just by add some pineapple pieces to your gravy mix.

It is a delight for the family eating out.

Tasty and not too hot.

Green Curry Paste

Green Curry Paste - unlike the Thai green curry paste, Margaret Rowland's Indian Green Curry Paste has no chilli.

3 ideas to start - Used simply to make Indian Green curry, vegetable, chicken, whatever is popular.

To obtain the Thai influence, add some fresh chilli, coconut milk.

For the Italian Influence, fry a little paste and stir it through you pastas or risottos.

It's delightful as the Indian Pesto!

Useful applications of Margaret Rowland Condiments

All Margaret Rowland condiment products are cooked.

Add it to just about anything that you are cooking.

On it's own it is an excellent adjunct to any meal.

Add condiments to some yoghurt or sour cream to make an inexpensive instant dips that can be used for nachos etc.

Excellent spread for pizza bases.

Pierce the sausages and smear some of Margaret Rowland Brinjal (eggplant) Pickle - Make a boring banger and mash a delight.

Add a teaspoon of Margaret Rowland Lemon achaar to your potato mash to make a tasty gourmet delight.

Fish Pickles

The fish based pickles are popular for any seafood marinade.

A teaspoon of Margaret Rowland Prawn Balichow to your spinach rices and prawns to make a seafood delight.

Marinade your fish of the day with Margaret Rowland Bombay Duck Pickle and pop it in the grill.

Alongside the lemon mash, it will make mouths water - a great seller on the specials board!

It is fantastic on carbohydrate bases (that is why the potato mash is a winner) and is popular in Dahl and other vegetarian dishes.


Margaret Rowland Lemon Achaar is a seasoned pickle and is a traditional item on the Indian menu.

It is fantastic on carbohydrate bases (that is why the potato mash is a winner) and is popular in Dahl and other vegetarian dishes.


The sweet Margaret Rowland Mango Chutney and Lemon Chutney make popular instant dips as well as creating the summer mango chicken salads. Delicious in sandwiches.