The Cook Margaret Rowland:

•  Is the name of the cook who founded the unique Margaret Rowland product recipes.

•  Pioneered the manufacture of authentic Indian curry pastes and condiments in Australia .

•  Was born in India and lived there for 24 years.

•  Has lived in Australia for over 30 years.

•  Has a passion & love for cooking.

•  Became an Australian citizen in 1970.

•  Desires to share the authentic flavour of Indian cuisines within Australian and other communities.

•  Is a mother of 10 children.


"It has been my ongoing & ardent desire to capture, unravel & share the mysterious flavours of my land of birth - India. My husband Charles & our 10 children have over the years shared this culinary journey resulting in Margaret Rowland (Australia's 1st manufacturer of) Authentic Indian - my very own. Enjoy my user friendly Indian at its authentic best!"

The Name Margaret Rowland Represents:

•  The founding cook Margaret Rowland.

•  Over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry.

•  A proudly 100 % Australian owned and operated business.

•  A product range which is 100% produced in Melbourne , Victoria Australia .

•  A range of Authentic Indian Curry Pastes, Simmer Sauces & Condiments.

•  Superior product quality and personalised customer service.

•  A brand used by many domestic consumers, corporate caterers and Executive Chefs

•  A brand used by many domestic consumers, corporate caterers, executive chefs in 5 star restaurants in Melbourne, interstate Australia and international organisations.

•  HACCP Certified

•  Recognised Australian Exporter



The Spice Represents:

•  An Exotic range of Authentic Indian Curry Pastes, Simmer Sauces,
Condiments, Chutneys, Pickles, Kasaundis & Achaars.

•  An exquisite blend of naturally grounded herbs & spices.

•  Products which whet any appetite.

•  A wide range of flavours & pungencies.

•  Products which bring life to any Vegetarian, Meat or Fish dish.

•  Products which enhance any Indian or Non-Indian cuisine

•  All Natural, No chemicals or Preservatives & Long shelf life

•  Selections for various dietary needs
( e.g. gluten free, sugar free, low fat, low salt, veg/non-veg)